KPO Services

Our KPO operation offers below mentioned offshore services to our client based in Sydney



The services offered to our BPO partner are predominately in 3 areas Distribution Boards, Panel Enclosures and AutoCAD Drawings. We provide clients with quotations for electrical panel boards based on their requirement after designing and estimating the optimum way. Once it is approved, we proceed to the drawings stage where drawings are prepared for customer approval, production and finally as-built.
Drawings for new product developments are also done by the team.



The team manages transactions related to local purchases & imports and liaises with wholesale customers to collect payments & handles their claims. Maintaining, reconciling bank accounts as well as major GL accounts is part of the services offered. We also look after fixed asset capitalization, depreciation etc .. and maintain the fixed asset register.



Oversee, manage and being accountable for the delivery of IT projects/infrastructure and ensuring all systems are up and running. Gathering requirements and providing IT solutions to streamline process for our BPO partner.



Planning, Developing, implementing and evaluation of marketing activities. Most of our work consists of Below the Line activities (BTL) as well as continuous improvements on the website and social media channels to reach to our target audience.


Order Processing and Special projects

Sales orders process is our core priority and we have a pool of personnel in place to ease the stress of processing large volumes of orders.
We are also engaged to the development and design of sales support materials such as price lists, Datasheets and other data related documents. Further we strengthen the sales processes by handling their queries and provide them with solutions.
Maintenance of websites for our BPO partner and its subsidiaries is another one of the services we offer from this team.


Procurement & Inventory Control

The Procurement and Inventory Control Unit is responsible for communicating and negotiating with Suppliers, Freight Agents and stakeholders of IPD Group to ensure smooth functioning of the procurement/planning and distribution process. We are also committed to maintain the optimum total cost and bring continuous improvements to manage company resources in order to profitably satisfy customer demands.